Pet♥ Lovers Stake

Cardano Pool

♥ Mission Driven: We support pets, wildlife and projects against animal abuse around the world.

♥ Support Decentralization: Delegating ADA with small pools you contribute to the health of Cardano Ecosystem.

♥ PET♥-Delegators can claim tokens: $PAW, $WMT, $EMP, $VYFI, $HERB and PETokens!!

♥ Giveaways: We gift our delegators with PETLOVER NFTs every epoch!

♥ PET-LOTTERY and Raffles: Delegators holding our PROMO and PETLOVER NFTs participate in our raffles and lotteries and winning extra rewards!

♥ Looking for a whale: 100 extra ADA per epoch minting blocks plus Trophies NFT and other surprises for our Top-Delegators!

♥ All newcomer delegators staking +500 ADA will receive a free NFT: Sangha the SPO Guardian

♥ PET is a Mithril Signer Pool, contributing with development in Cardano

♥ $PAW is our Governance token: PET-Delegators can claim it every epoch for additional benefits!

♥ Check out our PETLOVER NFT Collection in!

♥ ENDANGERED NFT Collection: 50% of the sales dedicated to projects supporting wildlife around the world!!

♥ PET♥-Gallery: all our furry frens in Cardano Community!

♥ Do you like crypto-related memes? check our PET♥-Memes page!

♥ PET♥ pool is proud member of: xSPO Alliance, Single SPO Alliance, Aldea DAO and F2LB

♥ PetLoverStake pool is also running in Preview Testnet contributing with the Cardano Network

♥ Our partners: ADABUDz NFT, FabianGameCoin, Sangha the SPO Guardian NFT Project


Who participate? All our PET-Delegators holding PET-Promo NFTs.

When? Raffles will be LIVE monthly in our Discord.

How to get a PROMO? You can buy your promo in (Only 10)

PROMO Policy ID: 260f644215d4dbd795fb7d39edd1daed21c6c04ac85cbbd100ca88ae

Rewards? D prizes, Trophy NFTs, PETokens and more surprises!


In this edition we are giving away 3 NFTs


– 10 ADA

PETokens (10.000 CHICOIN+1.000 CATDANO+100 ADAKOI+10 PETBIRD)

– 1.000 $PAW (PET-Governance token)


– 1 SANGHA-S1-24

– 1 PETLOVER-0552



– PET-Raffle#0001 (OCT/30/2022): WINNER: PROMO#0510 View draw

– PET-Raffle#0002 (NOV/27/2022) WINNER: PROMO#0410 View draw

– PET-Raffle#0003 (DEC/25/2022) WINNER: PROMO#0410 View draw

– PET-Raffle#0004: (JAN/29/2023) WINNER: PROMO#0503 View draw

– PET-Raffle#0005: (MAR/05/2023) WINNER: PROMO#0154 View draw

– PET-Raffle#0006: (APR/23/2023) WINNER: PROMO#0260 View draw

– PET-Raffle#0007: (JUN/18/2023) WINNER: PROMO#0353 View draw

– PET-Raffle#0008: (OCT/1st/2023) WINNER: PROMO#0203 View draw


01- stake1uy26zzttq2njgjzk9wjktdpude0qsnlt9pq2cfp2q763n9s06y4hf -> PET-PROMO-0801
02- stake1u9sdx4x880gsq008ldd7gp2kst8ukn68ka3lkjk2t694tysawyfl8 -> PET-PROMO-0010
03- stake1uy3mnjap3887t98w7vuy6hlemllzywr4jv64vsdvuhl06vqqwqezv -> PET-PROMO-0951
04- stake1uxt5kgz0sfm3vj59kf85y9ztns2fa7sjxfrywswevue55hsw4pry5 -> PET-PROMO-0501
05- stake1u99z6cgc9kufuh2t0cpvtg6df9q099gvtksecc7kyaz3euc3h8h52 -> PET-PROMO-0555
06- stake1uyswe386t3g9hjx9wkhkll65u7wpfapt8450ryprac9sgnc4a70az -> PET-PROMO-0407, PET-PROMO-0510
07- stake1uy0r3332p66cd6d546v3watrll7fn773y5h7f8tfw3ndvdg4jsjsu -> PET-PROMO-0203, PET-PROMO-0703
08- stake1u8wcwswq7epw4atqx7cwecrj2wjvkj02hrw22f4ywu94k4qt7zt0x -> PET-PROMO-0410
09- stake1uy67wvkxlzw64z88gvwem9yunyuxnzcelnhwjdyugyuanwgfhwkeh -> PET-PROMO-0604
10- stake1u9dxmz2vlptpxn0je75wqmd4su0ar2ezzzmq6p0p6h75wecegv6tp -> PET-PROMO-0105
11- stake1u8djfs07eksexqapjdm79cxyeyy0vptfq0eazc89pkpc78q5jwd5n -> PET-PROMO-0354
12- stake1u9v7au68vxq9u8g0cw7rzajjnrhcdw02qaekp9t582h9jwgqvjgpz -> PET-PROMO-0259, PET-PROMO-0606
13- stake1u89cqft7nzucxxekna6jtr0p689pstdsc8c7vqvgevndzjsftxrg8 -> PET-PROMO-0055
14- stake1uypedrmd7275gjjh4wznj3a5yuj7c9s7gcfq6ycdneyax0ga2f9mk -> PET-PROMO-0207
15- stake1uxqe6sw39t9qs4ca2f0gcun0pjjl260qe8ln4wgxpa3ghjsuqd9uc -> PET-PROMO-0059, PET-PROMO-0556
16- stake1u9mkn4a2ce2sx5rx6sfcxd8fcqjnn8nr40fg59yvxxcg3uc3x0jx0 -> PET-PROMO-0152
17- stake1u9jap3kpr4fr7mfgw49w32ygy3afz5azf3yfqnlmeuy8kvq00wn95 -> PET-PROMO-0353