Pet♥ Lovers Stake

Cardano Pool

♥ Mission Driven: We support pets, wildlife and projects against animal abuse around the world.

♥ Support Decentralization: Delegating ADA with small pools you contribute to the health of Cardano Ecosystem.

♥ PET♥-Delegators can claim tokens: $PAW, $WMT, $EMP, $VYFI, $HERB, $FGC and PETokens!!

♥ Giveaways: We gift our delegators with PETLOVER NFTs every epoch!

♥ PET-LOTTERY and Raffles: Delegators holding our PROMO and PETLOVER NFTs participate in our raffles and lotteries and winning extra rewards!

♥ Looking for a whale: 100 extra ADA per epoch minting blocks plus Trophies NFT and other surprises for our Top-Delegators!

♥ All newcomer delegators staking +500 ADA will receive a free NFT: Sangha the SPO Guardian

♥ $PAW is our Governance token: PET-Delegators can claim it every epoch for additional benefits!

♥ Check out our PETLOVER NFT Collection in!

♥ ENDANGERED NFT Collection: 50% of the sales dedicated to projects supporting wildlife around the world!!

♥ PET♥-Gallery: Check all our furry frens in Cardano Community!

♥ Do you like crypto-related memes? check our PET♥-Memes page!

♥ PET♥ pool is proud member of: xSPO Alliance, Single SPO Alliance, Aldea DAO and F2LB

♥ Our partners: ADABUDz NFT, FabianGameCoin, Sangha the SPO Guardian NFT Project

PET♥-RAFFLE#7 (Jun/18/2023)

PET LOVER NFT (Mint-on-Demand coming soon)

Mint on Demand

Coming soon…

Special for pet lovers!

1000 AI-Generated Pets coming to the Cardano Blockchain!
A Collaboration of the artist Chitoy and PetLoverStake Pool

Mint on demand: sending the right amount of ADA, you can choose the pet you want to mint!

So you can choose to mint a dog, a cat, a bird, a mouse, a turtle… etc

Wanting a surprise? Great! You can just pick one at random… be ready: new animals will be showing up!

Four rarity categories are set:

Classic pet (total: 700 pets, 70%)
Exotic pet (total: 250 pets, 25%)
Rare pet (total: 40 pets, 4%)
Legendary pet (total: 10 pets, 1%)

*** You can use $PAW🐾 tokens to mint! ***

$PAW is the governance token of PetLoverstake pool and we are distributing them to our delegators.

So PET-Delegators can save their $PAW and use them to mint new NFTs!

You can also buy/sell $PAW in Minswap. PETLOVER NFT sales will provide $ADA liquidity to the pair so PET-Delegators can get extra benefits.

Policy ID: 973aaa38e8126de7e8ecb4b789ec2cb15852eb5f211f6398255ff02d


Policy ID: d423ef07a257a2fd2b4a0940893b6ae794ce73af24e9265784728500

PET PetLoverStake Pool is bringing all of our furry friends together on Cardano and making them immutable on the Blockchain. This collection is NOT FOR SALE, we will send your PET-NFT for free. 


Policy ID: b494bb1ddb60e6fa27f35aef0a0ba9f3cae86a68b12bb7d4673e142d

Unique digital assets for endangered species. 50% of profits for donations to wildlife organizations around the world: buying/selling ENDANGERED you are contributing to wildlife conservation. It’s not about trading art: It’s about spreading LOVE.

PET-PROMO NFT Collection

Policy ID: 260f644215d4dbd795fb7d39edd1daed21c6c04ac85cbbd100ca88ae

Our Delegators holding PET-Promo NFTs will receive extra rewards: tokens, ADA, NFTs…

We will do raffles and more surprises with special benefits.

Buy your PET-PROMO and stay tuned!




Policy ID: d87c8ca49a2957c9a27ab8c3a185aedfa0247ef8e425b797051e663f

Our first NFT Collection is now MINTED!

You will be able to BUY our NFTs very soon in ALDEA DAO:

This sale will be donated to:

– Treasure of ALDEA DAO:

– PET♥ Pilot Project vs Animal Abuse in Cuba:


Policy ID: bafc1471d2ea2af39de30a288e570a9274bb30f92a85dd72d489781c

Our NFT Collection of 10 TROPHIES is now MINTED!

Our TOP-Delegators will receive a NFT-TROPHY for our first 10 Blocks minted