Pet♥ Lovers Stake

Cardano Pool

♥ Mission Driven: We support pets, wildlife and projects against animal abuse around the world.

♥ Support Decentralization: Delegating ADA with small pools you contribute to the health of Cardano Ecosystem.

♥ Check out our PETLOVER NFT Collection in!

♥ Rewards: We gift our delegators with extra ADA, Tokens, NFTs and more surprises.

♥ CARDANO-PETs NFT Collection: We are minting our furry frens in the community!

♥ BIG Giveaways: after minting our first blocks we will give away 1,500 ADA and Trophy NFTs to our Top-Delegators

♥ ENDANGERED NFT Collection: 50% of the sales dedicated to projects supporting wildlife around the world!!

♥ PET-Raffles: Delegators holding our PET-PROMO NFTs participate in our monthly raffles and winning extra rewards!

♥ We are gifting our delegators with the NFT Collection: Sangha the SPO Guardian

♥ PET♥-Gallery: Check all our furry frens in Cardano Community!

♥ PET♥-Delegators can claim tokens: $WMT $EMP $VYFI $HERB, $FLZ, $FGC, SHOSKY, $CSST, $CHICOIN, $CATDANO, $ADAKOI, $PETBIRD and more!

♥ Do you like crypto-related memes? check our PET♥-Memes page!

♥ PET♥ pool is proud member of: xSPO Alliance, Single SPO Alliance, Aldea DAO, FreeLoaderz

♥ Our partners: ADABUDz NFT, FabianGameCoin, Sangha the SPO Guardian NFT Project

PET♥-RAFFLE#4 (Jan/29/2023)


Policy ID: bafc1471d2ea2af39de30a288e570a9274bb30f92a85dd72d489781c 

PetLoverStake Pool minted this special NFT Collection to reward our

Top-Delegators after minting each one of our first 10 blocks!

Trophies will be sent to the delegators wallets FOR FREE