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♥ Mission Driven: We support pets, wildlife and projects against animal abuse around the world.

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(version 1.0, 4/24/2022.  Under development…)

PetLoverStake is a new project in development, please excuse our English language faults. Professional translations will be done in the future.

Project #0001 (Pilot Project)

Project Name: Taking care of street animals in north-central region of Cuba. 1st Edition.

Project Coordinator: Lisset Moreno.

Project length: 6 Months.

Start date: Unknown.


Cuba is crossing a terrible situation, economic, politic and social. Unfortunately, animals are very affected too: families don’t have enough resources, food and medicines for their own children, so pets and animals in general they receive little or no attention. Much of them are abandoned or sacrificed. Thousands of animals roam around streets trying to subsist, barely finding food, famished and full of diseases. Seems like that is not enough and it’s also very common scenes of people committing animal abuse, especially horses and other working animals, but also pets. Cuba lacks of proper laws to protect animals, Government don’t care about that, allowing and sometimes promoting cruel scenes, like spectacles and other macabre shows using animals to entertain people, rodeo shows, illegal dog and roosters fighting, etc.

We provide some documented cases of animal abuse in Cuba.

EXPLICIT STRONG IMAGES! Please be aware: next materials can hurt your feelings:

Veterinarian opinion about animal abuse in Cuba – YouTube

Abused and exhausted horse, animal abuse sample in Cuba – YouTube

People in Cuba talk about animal abuse and Government negligence – YouTube

Animal abuse in Cuba: famished horse is beaten and forced to get up – YouTube

Cat being abused and killed during rodeo spectacle in Rancho Boyeros, Cuba – YouTube

Animal abuse in Cuba – YouTube


Project will be based on the city of Remedios, in the north-central region of Cuba. The Project activities will be performed in the cities of Remedios, Caibarien and Camajuani.


  • Provide food, water and veterinary assistance to street animals in the Project locations.
  • Encourage love to the animals in local population.
  • Organize drawing contests with children and providing education about animal and pet care.



Project #0001 ”Taking care of street animals in north-central region of Cuba” is a PILOT PROJECT, it will be develop by a group of friends and animal lovers located in Remedios, Cuba. PetLoverStake will allocate a percentage of the pool incomes to support native projects following our ROADMAP for AGES#2 and #3.


While the pool is not minting blocks and getting no incomes, Project Coordinator will work VOLUNTARILY in order to design and set up the bases for the project development and PetLoverStake will support them with limited resources.

From AGE#2 PetLoverStake will allocate the 40% of the pool’s incomes during the first 6 months to finance Pilot Project #0001. Money will be used to buy and send food, medicines and other stuff for the project development.


Estimated expenses (for the first 6 months)

Expense Cost (USD)
Dog food $300.00
Cat foot $200.00
Small animal waterers $100.00
Animal Medicaments  and veterinary stuff $400.00
Other materials $200.00
Shipping expenses $300.00
Total $USD $1500.00
Total ADA (*) ₳1000.00


Estimated $USD cost: $1.500 USD

Estimated needed blocks: 8

Estimated pool income: ₳2500.00

Percent pool incoming allocated to native projects (AGE#2): 40%

Estimated ADA to finance the project: ₳1000.00

Expected ADA Price: 1₳ = USD $1.5

(*) Expenses could be adjusted depending of ADA price.



  • Street animals feeding

Frequency: Biweekly

Developers: Project coordinator, project members.

Locations: Remedios, Camajuani, Caibarien

Materials: Dog and cat food.

Description: Project activists will roam the streets looking for malnourished stray animals and provide them with food.


  • Street animals water supply

Frequency: Daily

Developers: Project coordinator.

Locations: Remedios

Materials: Waterers.

Description: Waterers will be installed in specific places. Project coordinator will check them periodically and providing fresh water 24/7 for street animals.


  • Veterinary assistance

Frequency: Monthly

Developers: Project coordinator, Veterinarian.

Locations: Alternatively in Remedios, Caibarien and Camajuani

Materials: Medicaments.

Description: Providing veterinary assistance, medicines, according with Veterinarian availability.


  • Drawing Contest

Frequency: Once, by the end of each project edition.

Developers: Project coordinator, project members.

Locations: Remedios. Location will be selected near to the areas with more incidence of street animals.

Materials: Paper, colors, crayons, stuff for rewards.

Description: It will be organized a drawing contest, with kids in the neighborhood. They will draw about pets and street animals. Winner kids will be awarded. 




2nd Edition of this project will be planned and executed by AGE#3, with more resources and financing.