Pet♥ Lovers Stake

Mission driven Cardano Pool, we support Pets and Wildlife.

PETokens and PET-NFTs:

PET LOVER STAKE is a new project in development, starting with a first set of 4 pet-coins (CHICOIN, CATDANO, ADAKOI and PETBIRD) and then keep adding new sets of tokens in the future.

The idea is to create a large PET UNIVERSE within the Cardano network, where all pet lovers can collect/trade their favorite tokens. We expect your support and collaboration to carry our project forward. Thanks!

PETokens SET#1:


Our funny chihuahua, playful and lovely dog. 

Supply: 1 T


The fat and lazy cat, loves to eat and sleep.   

Supply: 1 B


Colorful and smart fish, great friend of the kids.

Supply: 1 M


Here is our talkative (and very noisy) parrot.

Supply: 10.000

PetLoverStake is


We minted our FIRST NFT, for testing purposes:

PET-NFT#1, Policy ID: 0af4d9f4ea90c24cae743c16bd553317dbf4132f59efba64c53c0180

Preparing to open our PET-Art NFT Collection, Coming soon!!

Policy ID: d87c8ca49a2957c9a27ab8c3a185aedfa0247ef8e425b797051e663f

Our first NFT Collection is now MINTED!

To buy our NFTs please visit: ALDEA DAO:

We will donate a percent of the sale of this collection to the Treasure of ALDEA DAO:

Policy ID: bafc1471d2ea2af39de30a288e570a9274bb30f92a85dd72d489781c

Our NFT Collection of TROPHIES is now MINTED!

Our TOP-Delegators will receive a NFT-TROPHY for our first 10 Blocks minted